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If this all comes to pass, it's going to be easier to buy meth on the street than to get the abortion pill. Just saying.

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I wonder if the self-proclaimed capitalists in the SCOTUS realize or care that banning abortion will increase the number of people on welfare.

#Abortion #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt

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Could #Alien Life Be Similar to Earth Bacteria?

I only have two theories
1. Aliens are more advanced, which means we need to look back in time.
2. Aliens are created after us, we need look forward but they are less evolved because time reasons.

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Finally Friday! Have a great weekend everyone. 😀 👍

Meanwhile, I couldn't stop laughing when Amber Heard's lawyer kept talking about Johnny Depp's penis . Better than any soap opera. 😝😝

I'm learning. .Everyday I learn a little bit more. Is that where the word 'tweaker' came from? Meanwhile, at the bar. Lol


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