Listen to this: It’s a chiptune tribute to Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue”, and I absolutely love it.

My sound suffered from a lack of ‘thump’ in the low end. Bass was there, but subdued. Bass drums did not make any impact. Simply moving the speakers closer to the listening position solved that issue almost entirely.

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It’s amazing what the positioning of your loudspeakers can do to your sound. Most of the times you do not need new speakers (unless they’re really bad, of course), you need to move your speakers away from the walls, closer together or further apart, play with the toe-in or change your listening position. Try it and see what it does for you. It’s free!

Slavery was abolished in The Netherlands only 159 years ago, in 1863. We were one of the last countries in the world.

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In 2029 a huge asteroid will come so close to the hitting the earth that it will be visible to the naked eye. This asteroid may still hit our planet in 2068.

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America chose to go back to the good old Middle Ages today. Every democratic country gets the leaders it deserves.

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One of the most significant papers from Japan's sample return mission to asteroid Ryugu was published in Science today.

It's a monumental result, according to other planetary scientists. Essentially, we now have access to pristine materials from the very earliest days of the solar system, some 4.5ish billion years ago and we can study them on Earth.

A big deal.

I was inside a Van Gogh today. Really beautiful - go check it out when you’re in Rotterdam!

Every once in a while you come across an album that stays fresh, no matter how often you play it. For me this is one of those albums: New Light by Gidge. Listen to the album front to back, it’s one big adventure Buy the album off of and support the artists directly!

If you talk in week numbers instead of dates, you are an enemy of the people.

That Silk Sonic album is quite a lot more than just good. Great to see that that soul is still alive!

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That’s right, it’s #SpaceTalkTuesday time! This week it’s all about ~exoplanetary habitability~

What does habitability really mean? Do we know of any habitable #exoplanets? How will we be able to study them now and in the future?

Follow along for answers to these #science questions and more!

#SciComm #astrophysics

(fair warning, this will be a long thread. the threaded posts are unlisted as a best practice, but you can still boost them)

The Uke Logic strings are perfect on this uke, by the way. Just a tad warmer than the Pepe Romeros I used before, which is nice to bring out the warm sound of the mango.

New Thomastik-Infeld CF27 C-string makes quite a difference: the original Uke Logic was a little too thick, muddying up the sound. Now everything is clear as a bell.

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Just found out my cousin @sjors wrote a book about Bitcoin. Check it out!

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