noob elisp showerthought 

When has different identation. A deal-breaker.

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noob elisp showerthought 

(when (and x y) z)
(and x y z)

(when (and x y) z a)
(and x y (progn z a)

Only use when for simple test.

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noob elisp showerthought 

(or x (progn y z))
(when (not x) y z)

(or x y)
(when (not x) y)

(or x y (progn z a))
(when (not (or x y) z a)

I'll avoid (when (not

Increased quakity daily posting. Only one of three toots gets approved. Sorry for spam I'm going safer lazier route by doing it "publicly".
So, this toot is an exception :D
Glorious cold shower somehow took 15 minutes, with only 3 of actual thing. Anyway process can be speed upped. I'll note with secundometer what takes how much and make measurable goal :D

Kid game, bomberman 

Watched with 1.5y old, ey laughed, was interested. My childhood game.

Try this one, with friends on same keyboard:

So easy to spend hour just doing simple/medium, noting hard tasks that pop from every corner. But watching yt for 6h is even easier.

Increasing lifespan 

Castration might be real deal

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@obsolete29 disabling librejs and tprb extensions allows all js

@tricia game creator was anti-monopolist.
"It was intended as an educational tool to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies".

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@oklomsy extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor of the beast

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@stman to see your posts/boosts. Nothing special.


Long press volume up button skips 60 seconds on my phone. Almost ad-free podcast experience.

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