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@aral reminds of a quote from an iconic Soviet times fantasy novel:

"The society would be exceptionally democratic, and forcing citizens into anything would be unthinkable (he emphasized it several times), everyone would be rich and free from troubles, and even the most insignificant farmer would have at least three slaves."

Kettle keeps boiling with cap removed, but stops immediately when refilled just after boiling.

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I'd prefer like counter to such messages. Question is whether to reject concept of importance of external validation of every thing posted.

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Treshold "great!" reply < boost < favourite

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I see favourites are not likes. One favourite a day -- sensible limit, at least to begin with.

Reason window split commands in Emacs are C-x 2,3 is because "2" represents two parts divided vertically (diagonally), "3" - horizontally

Mindful break goal: notice the physiological sigh.

Yo cat, yo new kind of half-dreaming with purring cat with alarm every 2 then 15m. Thought of oversleep would stir me up, but did that instead for 50m. Ban bed.

Just sat down and worked on elisp tasks for 1.5h. 4 successful things in a row. Will make a dance representing the process. Heard similar idea from some guru of "life as hero journey".

In the heat of discussion about mindfullness disabled important alarm.

Given precore is good time for declarative memorizaton what activity benefits more: learning first-time or review (active recall)? My unscientific answer is latter. Never tried looking for papers on any topic, planning to plan planning to plan trying.

Restarting 1m Adriene yoga program After taking 2w to do 4d then skipping for 2m. HubermanTip: commitment for today and tommorow (like yesterday) makes harder for 1day rest to become eternal. But do at least this when sore

Mandos allows unattended reboot for computer with encrypted root. Two computers can reboot each other.

Adapting to split ortholinear. Left hand same feel except typoing V key (now can't remember why). Right hand no idea, except constant switching to uciea layout. I forgot qwerty unrelated to wasd games it seems. Of 2 key placements I choose closest to previous pressed key. After night sleep issue went away.

I prefer x200 as my main machine to i7 desktop, because it's much less noisy (fan off most of time actually). And I have really noisy desktop that requites fan replacement

Some javascript from FSF's social instance is blocked by LibreJS: no known license

Today attempted morning routine according to Huberman's advice: early sunlight, visual movement, zone-2 cardio. Walked A-B with stops for dumpster, water filter. Ran for 5 or 10 minutes on 50-100m snow path near parked cars. Took cold shower after. Lazed 3h in bed before all that. But again, desired behavior just after undesired habitual one helps breaking it, npgically. And that all was yesterday, today I am still lazing around, for 3h huh.


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