@kev @kiwix @selea I wonder. I am using Vivaldi, which is Chromium based. Does that count as Chrome? It shouldn't.

@ruud @kev @kiwix @selea Microsoft Edge is also Chromium, they canned their in-house engine.

@ruud @kev @kiwix @selea It *sort of* does, as the concern is less the brand of the browser and more that Google has a disproportionate control over how all Chromium-based browsers operate.

Brave is probably the one with the most departure from Big G's grip, but it's buggy and unstable which is a real shame.

@wiredfire @ruud @kev @kiwix @selea I don't find Brave buggy or unstable at all and I use it as my day to day browser.

@blueice @ruud @kev @kiwix @selea I've a suspicion my poor experience might be to do with my use of multiple browser profiles to sandbox different online accounts & uses.

@ruud @kev @kiwix @selea Probably not. Edge is Chromium based and listed separately.

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