Question. I have moved away from Google Calendar, I now use the calendar in my Nextcloud instance. It syncs nicely to Thunderbird.
But the Tasks in Nextcloud have 1 big issue: no recurring tasks. And when I create a recurring task in Thunderbird, Nextcloud gets confused.
I have used Vikunja, which is very nice, but that also has an issue: it doesn't sync with Thunderbird (or almost any app, the caldav is broken..)
So, what self-hosted task manager can I try next?

@tyil Yes, TW is an awesome tool. Although recurrence is very basic. And I don't think it syncs with Thunderbird. There are some weird integrations it looks like, but no synchronization with Thunderbird. Too bad 😞

@ruud There is, or was a feature request for this in NC.

@JSkier yes, that’s open for years. It doesn’t have much priority..

@ruud Pretty much why I moved on from NC, so many of those requests 😆 I use Baikal for my calendar and contacts, but I don't know if it handles recurring tasks well.

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