Receiving multiple mails from an app unknown to me.

-me: I have never registered on your app. Probably someone else used my mailaddress. Can you please remove my mailaddress from your system?
- them: can imagine how you really feel about this issue and rest assured I will do my best to assist.
However, you can do this to change your email to avoid this happening again, Ruud:
In your profile, you can edit:
Your first and last name
Your email address
Your home and work address🤪

@catswhocode I know... I have the same with a bank. Someone entered my mail-address in their bank account, now I get mails about withdrawals etc.. no way to get rid of these, either...

@ruud oh good lord! I had my identity stolen back in 2019 and had similar things happen, but most of it seems to be solved now at least :angerykirby:

@Bosbesje @ruud @catswhocode ik zou zoiets niet negeren. Vroeg of laat komt je naam op vervelende lijsten te staan als de halve wereld jouw naam (en paspoort?) gebruikt voor bankzaken.

@sjors @ruud @catswhocode

Klopt wat je zegt, maar als je naam en emailadres al bij vreemden in handen kun je er weinig aan doen. Dan zit er niets anders op een ander emailadres te nemen, eventueel aangifte te doen en je gegevens voortaan beter afschermen.

Om de instantie te informeren dat iemand anders je email gebruikt is onmogelijk aan te tonen.

Ik zou het niet zo zwaar nemen. Kijk wel even waar je email gejat is

@ruud @catswhocode banks that don't require a confirmed email, amazing. Happened to me as well with some UK based fintech. Some scammer managed to use my email, though they didn't use my name. The company was arrogant enough to recommend that I reset my email password. I pressed on to ask if they actually verified the email, which they refused to answer.

pfft @ruud kids these days got no charm at all, back in my days you gotta hype people up to phish for their info, now it’s just annoying them til they give in

@cnx Well this is not phishing, it's a company like Uber. I can exactly see where this person is going, in Ghana...

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