@Lucseleventje Al gedaan! Al ruim 26 graden buiten, dat is warmer dan binnen...

Oh too bad, the Limp Bizkit concert is *again* postponed, this time because of Fred Durst's health. I wish him all the best.

@hvangalen Lijkt mij een adapter-stukje voor een keukenmachine.

Okay so today will be 35 C. And tomorrow 40. I'll stay inside working in my office.. maybe jump into the pool during 'coffee breaks'. I love the summer. 🌞 🔆 😎

In our first year with solarpanels, this month of June set the record with 3.46 MWh power. 12.8 MWh so far this year. We hoped for an average of 18 MWh per year, looks like this year we’ll do much better than that. (Oh and I enjoyed the sun as well 😀)

Especially annoying because we pay this company for support. Asking stupid questions and giving even more stupid answers I can do myself, don't need them for that...

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Pfff.. submitted a ticket to support... and then having to explain myself over and over to someone who doesn't understand..
This has been the same for all tickets submitted to this company so far.. escalating again..

How's your day been so far?

@cnx Well this is not phishing, it's a company like Uber. I can exactly see where this person is going, in Ghana...

@catswhocode I know... I have the same with a bank. Someone entered my mail-address in their bank account, now I get mails about withdrawals etc.. no way to get rid of these, either...

Receiving multiple mails from an app unknown to me.

-me: I have never registered on your app. Probably someone else used my mailaddress. Can you please remove my mailaddress from your system?
- them: can imagine how you really feel about this issue and rest assured I will do my best to assist.
However, you can do this to change your email to avoid this happening again, Ruud:
In your profile, you can edit:
Your first and last name
Your email address
Your home and work address🤪

@atomicpoet Luckily I work as a freelancer, I’ll be picking out those jobs that allow working from home for most of the time. But traffic is worse than before so apparently everybody’s going to the office again..

@atomicpoet Same here. But some hints towards that are in the news every day now. Preparing the people for what’s to come. At least COVID brought me a good thing: been working from home for 2.5 years now.

@atomicpoet Still waiting for 2 concerts (Snoop Dogg and Within Temptation) that were scheduled for April 2020… now planned for next September, but another Omikron wave is lurking..

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