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So far listened to about 5% of my music collection, entering all media and tracks into my database.

My top 10 rated artists so far (number of rated tracks in brackets):

1. Nirvana (54)
2. Tracy Bonham (12)
3. The Prodigy (41)
4. Aphrodite (14)
5. Rage Against The Machine (10)
6. José González (22)
7. Metallica (199)
8. Portishead (10)
9. Cypress Hill (46)
10. Sullivan King (10)

Let's check how pink sounds. The color, not the artist.
The artist in this case is Miles Kane.

1986 version of the disco classic. Quite nice actually.

I think I like XWiki over wiki.js.
But it needs some more days of testing. #10 ▪️ 💡 4/7 ▪️ 🕑 379s


Wordle 214 3/6


Does anyone know of an alternative to Facebook that has good support for groups/communities?
I've looked at Pleroma, Friendica but they don't seem to have a group feature.

@matt Hmm yes I was thinking about switching to Startpage. As long as the search results are as good as Google's. Do you have other suggestions?

@vinyl Me too. Had never heard this one before. Got a box of albums from someone, some interesting stuff in it. But I'll keep this one, just because it's Stevie.

Now playing: Stevie Wonder - Journey through the secret life of plants.
cc @vinyl

Hmm looks like my profile had changed, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do that.
Need to keep an eye on that. And maybe patch Mastodon more often.

Any users of Wekan here? I can't get subtasks to be marked Done. Don't see an option for that anywhere..

I really like the new iOS 15 option where you can direct all calls from unknown numbers (not in your address book) to voicemail.

Saved me 4 calls in 2 days. None left a voicemail, so they weren't important.

Recently switched to fiber internet. I chose the 400Mb/400Mb option.

Now they upgraded that option to 1000Mb/1000Mb and made it cheaper 😃
(Not that I use that.. ever... but yeey!)

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