Y'know, I was never big on her dad, but I don't hate Liz Cheney. Hope she wins reelection. (Don't hate Meghan McCain either, but I liked her dad. Honestly, I like all Republicans who have education and integrity. IMO they're a necessary part of our system.)

I fear this Brittney Griner thing is a BIG problem if they can't resolve it ☹️

I disagree with the pundit on “Face the Nation” who didn’t think the enthusiasm gap is relevant. In the modern era, it feels 2 me like both party’s voters are just angry, but Republicans are currently more willing to vote on it.

I think that means u send out people like Bernie Sanders and AOC to campaign in close races. IMO Biden is just too old and unpopular to get the job done.

Today I learned that to save money, you can buy unlocked smart phones and then connect them to your account (I realize that this being Mastodon most of you already know that, but please humor me for us "regular folks" out there 😀 ❗


I SO wish “Birdgirl” was written by the writers of “The Mapleworth Murders.” Or anything else, 4 that matter 😞

I will never understand why Yahoo! doesn't just cut back on their other stuff and focus on Yahoo! Finance. They're actually respected in that realm. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I have long believed that the solution to problems like this and others is to contact major universities for assistance. I think there are many students who would greatly benefit from having hands-on experience in their chosen field of study. This could help them find employment in that field in the future as well.


I think Trevor Noah is winning the war of who can make fun of Giuliani’s back tap so far tonight, but Seth Meyers hasn’t checked in yet…! 😂😆🤣

I think it’s so that CBS canceled these shows 😞 Tonight’s “United States of Al” rerun reminds me that they’ll never resolve this episode’s suggestion that Al was into Lizzie

I find it 2 watch this episode on after knowing how badly “Riley” and “Vanessa” mess up what they had going 4 them after this 😒 🤦🏾‍♂️

Here's to hoping that after today, when people in comic books think "terrorist," their minds don't immediately think

I think Boston has to dedicate themselves to playing like an team, not a modern 1 if they want to win:

I like that Fox (!)32 Chicago started tonight’s broadcast by showing all of the mass shootings of the day, 1 after the other. I think that if everyone started every newscast that way, like they used to report on the Vietnam War, it might actually lead to gun reform 🙏🏾

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Though I saw it coming, I’m #disappointed by the cancellation of #BPositive 😞 While I admit it never quite figured itself out, its cast was #stellar #sigh

So how long did we go this time, gang? A week? Go Amurica! 🥳🇺🇸😭

I teared up at that scene where “Gregory” realizes that the kids in his class on really like him, and that’s why they keep drawing pictures of him 😢 Seriously, what kind of worthless garbage kills little children?!

Few things annoy me as much as comparing the modern NBA 2 the 1 I grew up with like the new commercial 4 the Finals 😒

I am so that I get another shot at watching ! 😀 There were so many good shows scheduled against it this season that I barely got a chance to watch it. (These are the times I wish I was still doing Twitter so I could tell ABC 😞

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