@idlestate thanks for the headsup on the stream. I still dont know how to change streams. 🤣

As for data, I love building solutions around data and using it to solve problems. It doesnt really matter what the data contains.

@spicytamazon Yo... MK8D is one of my favs! I am always amazed at how good the graphics are.

@ruud thanks. I might actually. I am just getting started using the platform so I am still learning how it works. But I appreciate it!

Anyone here into coding? Specifically with data and python? I am looking for some content to read and some users to follow.

Moneyball hy Micheal Lewis, has to be one of the best books about baseball, statistics and the process of thinking about how to apply statistics. It's one of my favs.,

@erosdiscordia I mean who wouldn't want to see old computers? Looks like I came to the right place.

I'm new to this platform. What's happening?


Generic Mastodon server, open for registrations.