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Get busy downloading and LEARN peeps!

Pass this on far and wide to anybody even remotely technical!

If this isn't a reason for people to ditch Twitter permanently then there is no reason that will make people do so.

Unpopular opinion: It should be a law, enforced by lethal force, that anybody who makes software intended for public consumption should be required to only use hardware that is a decade old while developing it.

Oh, the poor billionaires won't be able to colonize my phone and computer screens with their incessant babble! Whatever shall I do?

This is potentially the most depressing paper on CS ever written. It was written in *1973* and what it describes still plagues our society!

Ukraine, Violence, Profanity 

So keep up the protests, yes. But start organizing delivery of commercial cargo drones, lazy dogs, and training for use of both of those to partisans behind the lines. Don't just tell Putin what an asshole he is. Tear him a new one by filling Russian soldiers full of holes.

And if you happen to know where he is one day when in range of one of these, hell, fill him full of holes the same way.


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Ukraine, Violence, Profanity 

This keeps the civilian partisans as far from the line of fire as is humanly possible (reducing their casualties) while striking fear into Russian soldiers' souls if enough of these get fielded. (Ideally we want hundreds, if not thousands, of these terror weapons out there.)

Putin needs his invasion of Ukraine to work quickly and smoothly. Drone-based partisan interdiction will fuck that plan right in the ass with a spiked dildo.


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And the beauty of the system is that "munitions" can be churned out anywhere there's even a rudimentary blacksmith shop behind the lines. Hell it can be churned out outside of Ukraine and delivered inside of it by … you guessed it! … drone.

The drone itself can be shoved in the back of a van, SUV, or pickup truck and quickly launched while the launch vehicle bugs out. It has enough range that it can be launched from behind the lines and recovered from there.


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This kind of attack is going to seriously FUCK UP Putin's little band of thugs when it drops. It's enough to kill or (better) maim all but the best-equipped soldiers, and will likely also give vehicles a Bad Day™, puncturing tires, severing hoses and electrical cables, and possibly even cracking engine blocks. And what is an immobilized vehicle good for?


For the second drone coming in after the first.


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Each of these 700 sky bullets hits, depending on how they're machined, with impacts ranging from a point-blank .45cal handgun to a .50cal machine gun (!) when dropped from heights of about 25m.


No air defense is going to catch a Valkyrie Pro skimming the ground on the way to a target before it pops up to only 25m (!) and drops 700 Lazy Dogs.

That's the equivalent of firing 700 .45cal to .50cal rounds, but all at the same time.


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Each one of those nasty little pieces of shit is about 20g. If you assume, say, 1kg (that's high-balling the mass!) for a remotely-triggered release mechanism (a sheet steel box with a simple servo-pulled pin to open it, say), that leave 14kg of the capacity free. That's 700 of these nasty little sky bullets to drop.


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Ukraine, Violence, Profanity 

Now let me introduce you to the Lazy Dog:

These nasty little shits can be made by anybody who has a metal lathe and rudimentary lathing skills. A bit of rudimentary spot welding and you've finished them off. This is something a village workshop could churn out by the hundreds daily after a good assembly line is made.

So let's do some arithmetic.


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Ukraine, Violence, Profanity 

Let me introduce you to the Valkyrie Heavy Pro:

This little beast is representative of a large number of commercial lifting drones out there. It's about the price of a used car, offers tremendous lifting capacity (15kg!) and damned good range. It can be hidden in the bed of a common truck, launched and landed easily in that space. It's thus a good choice for a partisan's tool.

But what would a partisan use it for?


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