Started this morning. Completed this evening. (It's based on a concept and architecture I use a lot at work, mind.)

My computer is not your billboard 

Ever heard of people having a problem with procrastination? I wonder if there was anything constantly trying to grab their attention. Imagine if websites tried to keep them "engaged" for as long as possible.

But no, must be something wrong with all those people.

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My computer is not your billboard 

@eldaking I'm a bit more militant. I object to any ads on any space that I didn't consent to seeing.

If I buy a magazine or a newspaper, I know enough to know that it's advertising-driven and thus when I open that rag I have consented to ads colonizing my attention and thought.

This is not true for walking down the street. I did not consent for that ad's attempt to colonize my brain from the side of a bus or from a blaring speaker or such.

My computer is not your billboard 

I don't consent to downloading, executing or viewing your ads. You are not entitled to my time, my attention, my computer.

I don't care how much you want the money. How much you say you need it. If you don't want me freeloading, put a paywall; I might not pay, but I don't object to being denied a webpage. I object to ads.

There are no acceptable or ethical ads. Ads are distractions, annoyances, disruptions. They interfere with people's work, fun, mental health.

@hackernews Snow water equivalent? Makes money?

<frasier>I'm listening.</frasier>

@ruud MeWe? A lot of Google Groups types fled over to MeWe I understand.

"A C program is like a fast dance on a newly waxed dance floor by people carrying razors."

-- Waldi Ravens

"I don't, per se, dislike C so much as I dislike the cruft that's accumulated around it and the fact that libc looks and feels very much like it was hacked together by a bunch of random dudes over the course of a few decades rather than being designed. Which is, of course, exactly what happened."

-- @jeang3nie

@fribbledom @jeang3nie I, on the other hand, hate C and the impact it's had on computing over the past half century. C was a fine language in its time and place (time: early-to-mid-70s, place: PDP-11 grade machines). It was a fine language for a time when entire *systems* could be known by a single person.

It is a terrible language in an age where modularity and partitioning are absolute engineering requirements for reliability and security.

(And it sucks at abstraction.)

Holy fuck! This crypto shit is going literally everywhere.

The more I see the world of the future, the more I'm glad I'll be dead soon.

Is there any way in Mastodon to just say "I don't want to see this post"? I can see options to mute the poster, kill the server it comes from, etc. but nothing to just take an individual post from my feed.

@julianwki @phranck I walked out of a software job into teaching English abroad. How do you effect such a change? You step out of what you don't want and into what you do.

It's basically a leap of faith, but if you're smart and flexible you can easily make it.

Of course now I'm doing embedded firmware after 16 years of teaching, but it's on my terms and things are done the way I want them, so it was a step up from the software jobs.

@phranck Look into any climate/environment group out there and see if there's positions available for devops or actual software positions. Leverage what you already know into a realm that you want to actually work in.

Then, over time, you can reduce your computing workload and increase your non-computer responsibilities.

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