@jens I went the other direction. In my youth I tilted at the windmills and got smashed. I learned to pass as I got older.

Deep down I'm still the same socially-bewildered nerd I always was, but I have many, many, many layers of coping mechanisms I've built up over the hard-earned years that have provided sufficient social lubricant that suicidal impulses have faded deep into the background noise.


> Is it other people's judgement? Why should they judge how I am? That just seems to invite unhappiness.

I can answer that from bitter personal experience: There's *many* more of them than there is of you.

You want to issue an invitation to unhappiness? Go against the mob's expectations.

PRIVATELY do whatever you like, but publicly it's best to just nod and pretend to follow along. (This is what German immigrants to Canada did: acted Canadian in public but were German at home.)

@jens Yep. You're a fellow techie. "Works for me!" 😂

But it works for you and not me. It means you use it and I won't bother. It's a waste of time and effort for me to continue. I'm just too lazy to work up the energy to delete the account.

@jens Not enough to be worth the effort of making posts.

And when you consider the effort involved is typing 500 characters or less...

To put some hard numbers on this, from October of 2021, when I opened this account, until April of 2022 when I finally just gave up and started ignoring it, I got 21 replies total.

Back when I still used the bird site I'd gather more than that per DAY.

Yeah. I'm done. Tab is getting closed and is unlikely to be opened ever again.


Get busy downloading and LEARN peeps!

Pass this on far and wide to anybody even remotely technical!

@herzmut Unless your toilet roll holder is specifically constructed the other way round, naturally.


If this isn't a reason for people to ditch Twitter permanently then there is no reason that will make people do so.

Unpopular opinion: It should be a law, enforced by lethal force, that anybody who makes software intended for public consumption should be required to only use hardware that is a decade old while developing it.

@jens It takes a bit of extra work, but the closer your donation goes to the actual recipients, the more of it gets there without overhead eating into the costs.

I gave up on big-name charities decades ago. I now contribute, where I can, when I can, ideally to individuals, and absent that to groups with boots on the ground.

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