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Part 2 of my :

In my spare time I:
- Collect (and listen to) , preferably . Some of my favorite genres are etc.
- I like to visit and
- I play (sometimes )
- Install all sorts of tools, like / (Misskey)/ (Pixelfed) / (Matrix)
- Watch tv-shows
- Listen to books / podcasts

2/2 (I might look into extending the max post size here..)

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With all the new Mastodon users, it’s maybe time I wrote my (a.k.a. )

I am a father of 2, husband of 1. I live in The Netherlands.

I work as a freelance Database Admin for several companies, using and many others. I also do some related stuff like etc.


Oh too bad, the Limp Bizkit concert is *again* postponed, this time because of Fred Durst's health. I wish him all the best.

Okay so today will be 35 C. And tomorrow 40. I'll stay inside working in my office.. maybe jump into the pool during 'coffee breaks'. I love the summer. 🌞 🔆 😎

In our first year with solarpanels, this month of June set the record with 3.46 MWh power. 12.8 MWh so far this year. We hoped for an average of 18 MWh per year, looks like this year we’ll do much better than that. (Oh and I enjoyed the sun as well 😀)

Especially annoying because we pay this company for support. Asking stupid questions and giving even more stupid answers I can do myself, don't need them for that...

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Pfff.. submitted a ticket to support... and then having to explain myself over and over to someone who doesn't understand..
This has been the same for all tickets submitted to this company so far.. escalating again..

How's your day been so far?

Receiving multiple mails from an app unknown to me.

-me: I have never registered on your app. Probably someone else used my mailaddress. Can you please remove my mailaddress from your system?
- them: can imagine how you really feel about this issue and rest assured I will do my best to assist.
However, you can do this to change your email to avoid this happening again, Ruud:
In your profile, you can edit:
Your first and last name
Your email address
Your home and work address🤪

Red Hot Chili Peppers was fun, but I think I liked the support-act best: Nas !
I love 90’s hiphop!

Oh. Pixelfed doesn't have 'edit'... Oh well, then just update in the database directly..

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There are two big reasons I use 1) It's mostly in English, and 2)'s Federated timeline goes too freakin' fast!

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Whatever you do, always give 100% - unless you're donating blood.

Question. I have moved away from Google Calendar, I now use the calendar in my Nextcloud instance. It syncs nicely to Thunderbird.
But the Tasks in Nextcloud have 1 big issue: no recurring tasks. And when I create a recurring task in Thunderbird, Nextcloud gets confused.
I have used Vikunja, which is very nice, but that also has an issue: it doesn't sync with Thunderbird (or almost any app, the caldav is broken..)
So, what self-hosted task manager can I try next?

Had this album on cd since it was released 25 years ago. Now I also have it on

Updated to 3.5.2, the docker setup now upgraded Postgres from 9.6 to latest (14.3).

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

Driving home from pgconf Belgium. Stuck in traffic. Decided to have dinner first and then retry..

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