Part 2 of my :

In my spare time I:
- Collect (and listen to) , preferably . Some of my favorite genres are etc.
- I like to visit and
- I play (sometimes )
- Install all sorts of tools, like / (Misskey)/ (Pixelfed) / (Matrix)
- Watch tv-shows
- Listen to books / podcasts

2/2 (I might look into extending the max post size here..)

@ruud I wondered about the post length. I’ve seen some pretty long one but I was limited in my introduction post. I just figured I was on some kind of trial or something. I should ping my server docs/admins about it mebbe.

@fyrfli The default is 500 characters. It can be changed, but not without making changes in the code, which makes it more difficult to install updates etc…

@ruud eh … then it’s definitely not worth the effort. And anyway, 500 is plenty enough if one thinks through the message carefully.

@ruud hallo! I was wondering why you install multiple self hosted services? Is it separation of interests, features, just cause you can, or something else? Just curious!

@phoebe Mainly just because I can 😁 I like trying out stuff.

@ruud Fair enough! I was initially so confused at the multiple network/communities thing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

@phoebe yeah if you ever have questions about it let me know

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