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Not feeling well since yesterday.. spending my time sleeping, watching Netflix and football
How’s your day?

Migrating data from old Synology DS1513+ to new DS1621+

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Oh my goodness, what fresh hell is this?

“Impress landlords and agents with a digital link to your tenant CV.”

Impress landlords? For the privilege of paying them thousands every month? You can fuck right off. It’s time to burn capitalism to the ground.

@Mayana Please add me to Blockchain, Consensual Non-Monogamy, FLOSS, Information Technology, Mastodon, Music, Netherlands.

I had some configuration issues using Mastodon installed in Yunohost. Decided to do a complete fresh install using Docker. This one is permanent.
Feel free to create an account.

Re-install done. This is the final setup. Need to configure.


Generic Mastodon server, open for registrations.