I need a new (free) app for cross-posting. I was trying to use an app called Buffer to post things to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at the same time, but most of the time, now, Buffer doesn't work at all. Anyone got any suggestions that don't involve me paying money?

In the world of SWIPE (my cyberpunk comic), this is the kind of stuff that got the hacker community targeted HARD by governments eventually. It's why Ray has to have a license to be a hacker... cnbc.com/2022/07/28/how-is-ano

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The only reason he wasn’t apprehended 20 years prior was because you refused to help when this little girl was reported missing!

And this is what the worst true crime does. It manufactures monsters to justify police budgets, while wallpapering over police indifference.

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IMPORTANT GREMLINS NEWS: In the G2 novelization the Brain Gremlin takes over writing at the point where the Gremlins take over the film.

Critically-acclaimed former webcomic GUN STREET GIRL: Buffy meets Hellblazer/Constantine with a young lesbian lead character.  

SONG TO THE SIREN: A Cobain-esque cult figure rock star died years ago under mysterious circumstances.  His girlfriend (and muse) is finally ready to tell the world about the supernatural origins of his "mental illness."  

THE TALKING CURE: Prince of Tides meets Dresden Files. A therapist's favorite client is a charming supernatural investigator with memory loss. Will she save him from himself, or will he drag her into his world of magic and monsters? 

SIBLING RIVALRY: The government gives superpowered alien kid to rich senator and his wife to raise as their foster son since they have a son his age already. Now, as adults, both are heroes, one VERY powered, one not. They still have ISSUES...

Started to mis-type "Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" as "Sr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" and now I just want it to be a Santo vehicle. "Señor Extraño and the Multiverse of Madness," a masked wrestler wrestles Lovecraftian horrors

Reminder: one time Sulu was Space Drunk and running around the Enterprise with a sword and he grabbed Uhura and yelled "I'll save you fair maiden!" and she ad-libbed "Sorry, neither!" (it wasn't originally in the script) (and they left it in!) winning best ad-lib of the century

Ukuleles are just mandolins for gnomes and halflings

Change my mind

This is me testing the app Moa, which is allegedly for cross-posting with Mastodon/Twitter and vice-versa...


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